Another Video Sharing Website Dailymotion

Another Video Sharing Website Dailymotion

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It looks that after the Ban of Youtube here in Pakistan – Pakistan has blocked Dailymotion, another Video Sharing website which was quite popular in Pakistan, after the blockade of Youtube in Pakistan.

Today we are getting reports from our users, that Dailymotion has been Blocked. We have also confirmed it by opening the site in browser – but site was not accessible. Check out the Screenshot below.


It is still not clear why the website has been blocked. However, we will try to get PTA’s view on it. This decision can create many problems for the general users and for Video Bloggers, who were hosting all their Videos at Dailymotion after the blockade of Youtube.

Update: 10:00 am, PST:

Some of our readers are reporting that the Dailymotion is now available, but it is still not accessible with PTCL.

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