Home Business Celebrating Summers 2016 With Dockers

Celebrating Summers 2016 With Dockers

Celebrating Summers with Dockers®

000002. Celebrating all things summery, the brand defines the uber cool and edgy aesthetic for men to wear. With the Yes, They’re Dockers® Campaign the brand aims to widen its canvass in Pakistan expanding their summer collection range and introducing innovative trends.

Dockers® creative and catchy ad campaigns have connected with guys and made people talk from the very beginning. Now, as Dockers® turns 30, they are revealing a new global multichannel campaign: YES, THEY’RE DOCKERS®.


YES, THEY’RE DOCKERS® puts the spotlight on the brand’s current role as a bedrock in men’s wardrobes, which isn’t what you might think. People have come to expect Dockers® to be pants that clean up a guy’s look, but they’re not always prepared for Dockers® to have slim fits and modern styles that can be worn for more than just work or serious moments. And they’re surprised to learn that Dockers® has their name on more than just pants—there’s also a line of button ups, knits, outerwear, and accessories. The YES, THEY’RE DOCKERS® campaign will reveal how Dockers® has evolved in lockstep with their customers and grown to attract new ones by modernizing styles, slimming fits, and innovating fabrications—from head to toe—all without compromising quality.


Dockers® has been leading men through the what-to-wear wilds for 30 years by crafting go-to styles for nearly every moment in a guy’s life. And guess what? “YES, THEY’RE DOCKERS®”! Dockers® were the first men’s pants that looked smart like chinos but were as durable and easy as jeans. These new kinds of pants made men look and feel simultaneously ready to take on the world, but comfortably laid back. Sales exploded and soon if you weren’t wearing Dockers®, you were just wearing pants.

Flash forward to this year: It’s estimated that 38 pairs of Dockers® are sold every minute across the globe. Seventy-five percent of men who try on a pair of Dockers®, walk out of the store with a pair. And they are still the number one selling khaki brand in the U.S., three times the size as their next competitor.

The campaign itself was shot by a American lifestyle, nightlife, and action photographer, Brian Kuhlmann, who made the images feel more like what you’d find in a friend’s Instagram feed than a traditional fashion magazine. Each guy’s look showcases that Dockers® offers more than just pants and businesswear.

Dockers® introduced an entirely new concept in menswear, one so fresh that even the guys in their own television commercials famously weren’t talking about it—the casual pant. You may know them simply as khaki pants, which in 1986 were a completely new way men could cover their legs.Dockers® has become one of the few brands to completely reshape the menswear box simply by thinking outside of it.

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