G10 Econo-Inverter Air Conditioners Options for Compact Rooms


G10 Econo-Inverter Air Conditioners  Options for Compact Rooms

Lahore: 8th December, 2016 – Gree G10 inverter technology is the world’s leading core technology of DC Inverter air conditioners. These are first ever European compliant air conditioners in Pakistan with A+ rating.Gree Econo Inverters are principally designed for specific ranges of room by keeping in mind the consumers’ needs and environmental conditions.


These inverters are available in 16000 & 11000 BTUs’ beside 1 and 1.5 ton which are comprised of 12000 & 18000 BTUs’ respectively while 16000 BTUs is equivalent to 1.3 ton and 11000 BTUs’ to 0.95 ton.These units are produced, considering compact room sizes/areas and office rooms. Econo Inverter is equipped with complete features of Gree G10 inverter series with the capability of up to 60% energy saving.These inverters are equally affordable at the same time model GS-11CITH3F 11000 BTUs’ I Rs. 49,900/- and GS 16CITH3F, 16000 BTUs’ in Rs. 62,900/-Gree aims to provide its consumers a solution for those room sizes where they find difficulty in air conditioner installation due to area.  Now Econo inverters can be placed in the areas where 1 ton & 1.5 ton are more than required area.Recommended room area for 11000 BTUs’ is 130 Sq. ft. (Ground Floor) & 110 Sq. ft. (First floor) while for 16000 BTUs’ its 215 Sq. ft. (Ground floor) & 190 Sq. ft. (First floor).