Home Technology Gain Efficiency and Improve Security with JBS-VMware NSX Network Virtualization

Gain Efficiency and Improve Security with JBS-VMware NSX Network Virtualization

Gain Efficiency and Improve Security with JBS-VMware NSX Network Virtualization

12968092_518331911671689_7540973544160999310_oVMware NSX is the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).NSX embeds networking and security functionality that is typically handled in hardware directly into the hypervisor.It allows network and security to be configured dynamically to meet the unique needs of each business.  It delivers the operational model of a virtual machine for networking and security and unlocks the ability for IT to move at the speed of business. It enables businesses to create or restore virtual networks on demand, without reconfiguring the physical network.

What it Does for You

Moves Networking to Software

The NSX network virtualization platform is helping hundreds of customers realize the full potential of a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). NSX moves networking to software, creating never-before-seen levels of flexibility. It fundamentally transforms the data center’s network operational model like server virtualization did 10 years ago.

Enables Network Micro-segmentation

NSX brings security inside the data center with automated, fine-grained policies tied to the virtual machines. It enables micro-segmentation to significantly reduce the lateral spread of threats inside the data center. By making network micro-segmentation operationally feasible, NSX brings an inherently better security model to the data center

Cuts Network Provisioning Time

NSX reduces the time to provision entire networks in software from weeks to seconds, abstracting virtual networks from the underlying physical network. With improved operational efficiency through automation, network operators can achieve faster deployment and greater agility, while gaining the flexibility to run on top of any network hardware.

Let’s You Move Workloads Seamlessly

NSX moves virtual machines and all of their associated networks and security policies between data centers in just minutes. It avoids any interruption to the running application, enabling active-active data centers and immediate disaster recovery options.

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