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Huawei Beats Apple to the punch

With the recently launched iPhone 6S smart phone, it was surely quite known that Apple would deliver the Force Touch as the premium feature of 6S. But, in for the long run, Chinese technology based company, Huawei has deprived Apple of its glory by introducing Force Touch in its latest flagship smartphone Mate S, at IFA, Berlin.

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Huawei has provided the exclusive Force Touch feature in the Luxury Edition of Mate S, black in color and 128 GB model. The Force touch introduced through Mate S, has totally transformed the way smart phones are controlled by the users. The days of conventional smart phone usage are over now and the latest trends have brought dynamic methods for the technology seekers. The force touch feature, exclusively available in the Black luxury edition of Mate S, would allow the user to scroll through the gallery and preview images by applying a little bit more pressure on the screen. The extent of zoom in, on pictures, depends upon how much pressure the user applies, isn’t it exciting! Though it can be somewhat confusing at times, as to how much magnification the user requires.

The top and bottom corners of Mate S have also transitioned because of the exciting force touch feature and now carry additional features; Huawei calls them Magic corners and Magic bottom. The capacitive soft keys (Back, Home, Menu), usually available on Huawei devices at the bottom, for navigation through the cell phone, have been made more flexible in Mate S. The user can hide these keys anytime he wants and can easily get them back by applying force touch on the respective areas. This unique feature proves quite helpful in giving extra volume to the screen, as it looks bigger and enhanced, because of the space freed, usually taken by the navigation keys.

The same force touch feature can be utilized to open the requisite apps, for example, for opening camera or web browser, the user would have to apply a little extra pressure on the thumbnails. Another fun attribute of the force touch is the “Scale app”, Huawei has successfully managed to develop such an amazing, smart phone i.e. Mate S, which can transform into a portable scale because of its Pressure sensitive screen. With the fun scale app, users can weigh objects by placing them on the Mate Ss screen. This is achieved by the help of the pressure the object applies to the screen, but the object has to weigh between 100grams-400grams.This is undoubtedly the most cool and attractive feature, any competitive smart phone on the market can offer, although it can only prove useful when weighing is to be done on short notice or one wants to flaunt the awesomeness of his smart phone.

Verily, the exuberant Force touch technology will pave way for new wonders, the tech companies can induce in their future devices. Huawei has successfully marked itself as the first company to offer this technology in a smart phone. Although the Magic bottom, gallery preview and scale are surely interesting features still the officials at Huawei have also called for suggestion from its user, regarding to what more can be done with the force touch technology.

Mate S is clearly is first generation smart devices, which possesses the force touch and he Luxury edition of Mate S having this feature has yet not made its way in to the Pakistan Market.

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