Home Entertainment Breaking News :ImprovJam Meets WomenX Are You Ready

Breaking News :ImprovJam Meets WomenX Are You Ready

ImprovJam Meets WomenX

WomenX presented a special engagement with “Improv Jam’ Pakistan, an exclusive event for WomenX participants.


What is Improv?

Improv is live theatre in which the story (plot), characters in the scene  and the scene of the story itself are made up live one the spot and in the moment. The Impov performers take inspiration and suggestions from the audience and involve them in the script.

The Improv show brought together a team of performers including women and the story lines and scenes will be inspired by YOU and YOUR entrepreneurial experiences.

What Did Improv Teach Entrepreneurs?

As entrepreneurs everyone has to improvise and be agile and resourceful.  Improv helped entrepreneurs learn to:

  • Be able to Laugh at Yourself
  • Be able to roll with the punches and ‘go with it’
  • Be okay with Plan B
  • To Think on Your Feet (be Spontaneous) and Creative
  • To be able to navigate without a script or plan

ImprovJam performed for a WomenX at Thot Spot. The event was attended by WomenX ladies and everyone enjoyed the laughter-filled event to bits.

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