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Next Honor By Huawei Is Expected To Be In Pakistani Market, Soon

Honor series is one of the best smart phone series by the Global technology master Huawei. In current year, it is expected that the next and of course upgraded edition of Honor series is about to come in the Pakistani market. Huawei would call this next member of Honor series as Huawei Honor 5X. And most like the Honor 4X it will be among the most applauded smart phones of Huawei.
Next Honor By Huawei

Honor 5X has a full metallic body made from the aircraft graded aluminum metal. Further the body is multi piece of the metallic frame finely fitted with best components to complete the bold and glamorous Honor 5X design. Body of Honor 5X is streamlined and smoothened like silk and the metallic character adds lustrous stuff to it surface. In Honor 5X as battery is formed removable hence the battery cover is not part of metallic body as already mentioned. But it can be removed; still it is an aluminum metal cover with luster, engraved “Honor” and three spots for Camera, LED flash and the fingerprint scanner.

Design is further amplified with the incorporation of 5.5” large screen, which is fully laminated. This gives a best looks with larger display. Honor 5X body design is much similar to other smart phone designs by Huawei when one looks at the bottom of the phone. Honor 5X has exactly the same speaker gauzes at the bottom of the phones, one on the either side of the charging pin slot.

Honor 5X slots on the left and right sides of its body. Generally there are three slots, one for MicroSD card, other for nano-sim and one for the micro-sim, all on the left side of the smart phone. While on the right side, Honor 5X has volume and power keys. The placement of the slots and the keys are aligned in a smooth fashion making a perfectly elegant and bold outlook of the smart phone.

Honor 5X is a flagship smart phone with exciting specs and features in it. Especially it has dual camera i.e. front cam of 5MPs and a rear Camera with a high resolution of 13 MPs. Huawei has built this amazing smart device with high primary memory. 2GB Ram is responsible for smooth functioning of the phone with incredible speed. Secondary memory or storage of Huawei Honor 5X is 16GB that is again a good space for music lovers and selfie storage equally.

Huawei is expecting to invade the Pakistani market with its excitingly glamorous, aesthetically delicate and technologically high smart devices in the current year. Further it is observed that Huawei has been successfully introducing best smart phone for all the segments of the consumer market in Pakistan. Thus the phones with best quality in a wide range are available at the best affordable prices. Huawei brand lovers are anxiously waiting for the launch of these incredible smart phones and ready to grab their best choices and the overcrowded markets.

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