PIA’s First Premier Service Flight PK 757 Departed From Lahore To London Today


PIA’s First  Premier  Service  Flight  PK 757 Departed  From  Lahore To London Today

Lahore, 16, August, 2016

PIA’s first  Premier  Service  flight  PK – 757 departed  from  Lahore to London today. A total  number of 266 passengers were on this flight including 13 Buissness Class passengers.

photoPIA  started  this new  Premier Service to London  from Islamabad on 14th August. These are state of the art  A- 330 aircrafts featuring  in- flight entertainment with personalized large screen  and  250 channels   different  and new  improved  menus ,   flat bed seats  in Buissness class and  a new uniform  for the cabin crew.   At London Heathrow  airport  Buisness  class passengers  will be given  complimentary  limousine service  within  25 km.These  flights  will be operating  from  Islamabad  to London on Monday , Wednesday and Sunday , from Lahore to London  on Tuesday , Thursday  and  Saturday and from London to Islamabad on Tuesday , Saturday  and Sunday and from  London to Lahore on Monday , Wednesday  and Thursday.PIA ‘S Director  Marketing  Mr. Khurram Mushtaq , General Manager Public Affairs Mr. Danyal Gillani, District Manager  PIA  Mr. Saleem  Shahani , Station Manager PIA  and other PIA officials welcomed the passengers.  A colorful ceremony was held at the airport where the passengers were greeted with flower bouquets , gifts and toys for children.