Home Business Technology Giant Huawei surpasses Microsoft, as no.3 mobile seller in the world

Technology Giant Huawei surpasses Microsoft, as no.3 mobile seller in the world

Technology Giant Huawei surpasses Microsoft, as no.3 mobile seller in the world

According to a research firm Strategy Analytics, the global rankings for Huawei and Microsoft have shifted tremendously

A market research report published by Strategy Analytics has revealed that Microsoft has lost its place as the third largest mobile selling company to its competitor Huawei.


Microsoft’s global mobile phone market shares dropped from 11.9 % in first quarter of 2014 to 6.4 % in first quarter of 2015. With regards to mobile phone shipments, Microsoft plunged from 50.3 million last year to 27.8 million in 2015, according to the Strategy Analytics.

On the other hand, the market share of, China’s top leading technology company, Huawei rose to 7% last quarter from 4.8 % in last year’s second quarter. Strategy Analytics has declared that Huawei’s mobile phone shipments have increased from 20.6 million to 30.6 million over the same period.

According to Strategy Analytics Director, “Huawei is rising fast in all the regions of the world, particularly China where it’s 4G models, such as Mate 7 are proving wildly popular.”

For the first time ever Huawei has pushed passed Microsoft and achieved the spot of third mobile phone vendor in the global market, though it is still far behind Apple and Samsung, as was Microsoft.

Huawei has achieved this success mark because of its consistent struggle and also putting in most of its energies in developing best technological devices. The rich R&D departments of Huawei which are instituted in 16 countries and have 70% of total Huawei staff, are making great contribution in the tremendous success  that this technology solutions providing company is achieving. The latest prodigies of Huawei i.e. Mate series, P series, G+ series and Honor series have been very well received by the smart phone customers and they have also added a lot to the sales growth of Huawei in 2015.

Because of the extraordinary sales records that Huawei is achieving, it has allocated its 10% of the sales profit to be invested in the R&D departments, which makes 1.2 billion of R&D investment in 2014. Huawei also emphasizes on the high efficiency of the after sales services, which is quite evident from the fact that globally, Huawei has 650 partners and more than 3,000 service points and Five major customer support centers with customer service hotlines covering 91 countries, supporting 47 languages.

The pace with which Huawei, one of the top technology companies, is progressing it can be said without any doubt that soon Huawei would beat all its competitor companies and set new benchmarks with regards to sales and establishing new innovative technologies.

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